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Sex coacH training

  • Ongoing enrollment.

  • Self-paced and guided-cohorts.

  • Comprehensive education.

  • Videos, textbooks, fieldtrips.

  • Live instruction.

  • Live, interactive instructors.

  • Personalized guidance.

  • Frequent discussion with other students.

  • Ongoing tech support.

  • Acceleration services available.

  • Best value of any nationally recognized program

  • Pay-as-you-go split tuition.

  • Easy online application.

  • Ongoing open enrollment

  • Complete the Welcome course prior to paying tuition.

"This is not an automated online course, nor is it your typical classroom. Assignments are reviewed and graded by actual sex-coach instructors, and you get individualized feedback. Once we get started, you'll be impressed with how invested we are in your education."




  • The academic portion of training includes book-work, tests, writing assignments, reviews, skills tests and field trips.​

  • Expect strict critique, redirection, and feedback. It's sexual boot-camp. Your personal boundaries will be pushed!

  • You'll learn how to market your practice, guide clients and build a network of colleagues and other professional


  • Successful completion of academic work allows students to participate in coaching sessions with a sex-coach mentor and actual clients.

  • Interns will also be guided and assigned to assist in teaching classes.

  • Once authorized by the mentor, interns will see clients on their own, then discuss cases with supervisors.

  • Graduates are awarded the status of Certified Sex Coach. 

training website

The website makes it easy for students to submit their assignments, track their progress, do quizzes, watch videos, see upcoming events, and interact with instructors.
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Sex Coach Training Program
Sex Coach Training Program
Sex Coach Training Program

faculty & staff


Melissa Jones, ACS, 

Program Director

With over a decade of professional and educational leadership experience, Melissa is the training program's executive director. Learn more.


Angela Michelle, ACS,

Instructor, Sex Coach

As an Embody Love Facilitator, Angela focuses on body-image, culture, and disabilities in relationship to sex. Learn more 


Dr. Sophia Murphy, DBH, LPC, CPT, SXI

Doctorate of Behavioral Health, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer. Learn more.


Chauntel Logan, SXI, 

Instructor, Sex Coach

As a Certified Sex Coach, Chauntel focuses on erotica and medical aspects of sexual health.


Rachael Lindberg, M.S., SXI, Instructor

A Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, supervised by Erin Alexander, LPC-S. Learn more.

Ari Antwine

Ari Antwine, ACS,

Success Coordinator

A Certified Sex Coach and faculty member who focuses on guiding students through the program. Learn more.


Erin Alexander, LPC-S, ACS,

Sex Therapist, Instructor

As a Licensed Sex Therapist and Clinical Supervisor, Erin is a program clinical coordinator. Learn more.  


William Lynch, ACS,

Instructor, Sex Coach

Sex Coach, Kink-Aware Professional, Safe-Zone trained professional, member of NCSF. Learn more.


Shannon Burton, SXI, 

Instructor, Sex Coach

As a Certified Sex Coach and faculty member, Shannon focuses on gender issues and kink. Learn more.


While many students complete the Sex Coach Training Program at a self-guided pace, some students desire the additional support of a hands-on guide to escort them through the program with personalized and consistent attention. For those who want this extra push, plus the benefits of a cohort-style group, the Sexology Institute offers an optional, personalized acceleration service and group-coaching opportunity by our Success Coordinator, Ari Antwine. Click here for information about Accelerators.



  • Tuition: $3,240. Upon admission the program, you'll pay the first half of the tuition ($1,620). The second half ($1,620) will be paid whenever you're ready to access the upper-level courses.

  • Books: $200+. Books may purchased, rented, or borrowed from any source.

  • Field-trips: $200+ payable to the various venues.

  • Incidentals: $100+.



This program is intense, and at times overwhelming. Every assignment has a purpose, and you’ll quickly discover just how engaging the training is. If you’re looking for a traditional education, this is not it. Don’t expect to be lectured to. Don’t necessarily look for “correct” answer to questions. Knowing the right answer won’t automatically get you an A. Stretching yourself will!

In addition to academic assignments, much of your education will come from practical training as you participate in field trips and the functions of the Sexology Institute which include interfacing with other students, participating in group discussions, and working with coaching clients. 

How long is training?

The program can be completed in just a few months; however, most students take it at a slower pace. The program is designed to be completed in less than 18 months, but students have the option to extend their training period. An Accelerator option is available which offers additional personalized help, pacing, support, and accountability.


The program helps you discover your boundaries, and you’ll be invited to discuss them. By giving you assignments that exceed your comfort level, you’ll become a new person. However, you’re always welcome and even encouraged to push back when the discomfort becomes too much. Training is not meant to cause excessive discord.

CAN I BE TRAINED IF I DON'T LIVE near the sexology institute?


The entire program can be completed remotely, including the clinical experiences, group discussions, and delivery of your live, final presentation. It's not necessary to come to the Sexology Institute; however, you are welcome to do your clinical experiences and deliver your final presentation at the institute if you'd like.

is the program nationally recognized?

The Sexology Institute's Sex Coach Training Program is institutionally accredited by the American College of Sexologists, and additionally, the Sexology Institute maintain ongoing, internal monitoring and approval of our academic standards. Whether or not and to what extent other organizations recognize the certification of the Sexology Institute is dependent upon the policies of that organization. Prospective students who have questions about acceptance of the Sexology Institute’s certification at other organizations should inquire of those entities as to their recognition of sex-coach certification.

when can I enroll?

Enrollment is ongoing, and applications are reviewed weekly. Admission is based on the number of open positions and the strength of each applicant.

After graduating, what will my credentials be?

Upon completion of the Sexology Institute's training program, you will be certified as a Sex Coach. You will receive an official, individually signed and sealed certificate for framing and display. You will be permitted and encouraged to add the post-nominal designation "SXI" to your name indicating your certification as a sex coach by the Sexology Institute. (e.g. "Jane Smith, SXI")

May I SEE THE curriculum?

Yes. A general overview of program and the reading list can be viewed here




It depends on how much you want to learn. Students who are in an intimate relationship are encouraged to involve their parter as much as possible. The more “hands on” you are, the more you’ll understand what the lessons are trying to teach you. You will not be having sexual contact with clients nor with the staff of the Sexology Institute.



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