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The Sexology Institute offers sex coaching to help couples and individuals with a variety of topics including: orgasm difficulty, intimacy challenges, painful sex, ejaculatory control (premature or delayed), erectile dysfunction, social skills, kinks and fetishes, body image issues, confidence, and more. The Sexology Institute additionally offers licensed counseling services to help couples experiencing relationship issues.

All sessions are touch-free and focus on communication and discussion. In addition to meeting at the institute, sessions can also be conducted by phone and video.




Meet our Professionals


Erin Alexander, LPC-S, ACS

Sex Therapist

Licensed therapist and a clinical supervisor. Master's in counseling/ educational psychology Click here to book with Erin.


Melissa Jones, ACS

Sex Coach


A decade of professional experience with couples and individuals in various of  aspects of sexual exploration. Learn more 


Angela Michelle

Sex Coach


As an Embody Love Facilitator, Angela focuses on body-image, culture, and disabilities in relationship to sex. Learn more 


Brandon Lucio, LPC

Relationship Counselor


Licensed therapist. Master's degree in Counseling and Guidance. Solution-focused methodology. Learn more

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