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Coaching & Counseling

Frequently Asked Questions

What does coaching address?
Sex coaching can cover a wide range of topics to include, orgasm difficulty, intimacy challenges, painful sex, ejaculatory control (premature or delayed), erectile dysfunction, social skills, relationship conflicts, kinks, fetishes, sexual desires, body image issues, sexual skills, confidence, and more.
how is coaching different from counseling?
Sex coaching works with individuals and couples to help them attain the sexual and intimacy goals they set for themselves; whereas counseling helps bring individuals and couples to a place of health and safety. Counseling addresses the issues of the past, while coaching starts with the present and moves toward a future place. The Sexology Institute offers both coaching and counseling, and both focus on how to make the present a productive asset to one's intimate life.
what's the first session like?
We’ll start by gathering information and talking about the issues, then things move forward quickly as we map out the course of action. The process is goal-focused, present-centered and results-driven. We’ll work to achieve a rich, creative, playful, and passionate sex-life, how to communicate easily and authentically, and how to cut loose and play.

For some, it takes just one visit to achieve progress and be on the path to success, while others come back for routine maintenance. How often we work together is entirely up to you.

Are you a surrogate?
Our work is similar to that of a surrogate in that some teaching may be through interactive role-play. We will listen, teach, encourage, inspire and coach you, but we believe that clients generally have optimal results when learning to bond sexually with their own partner.

can i have a session even if I don't live in San Antonio?
Absolutely! We can visit by phone or Skype.
CAN WE HAVE a series of intensive WEEKEND SESSIONs?

Yes. Prices start at $375. A Weekend Intensive is designed to include….

  • 50-minute intake session on Friday afternoon at the Sexology Institute,

  • Customized assignments to complete overnight,

  • Participation in Friday night and/or Saturday morning workshops,

  • 50-minute follow-up session on Saturday back at the Sexology Institute,

  • 30-minute recap session on Sunday,

  • Private shopping at the institute.

Prospective clients who desire a series of Weekend Intensive sessions should contact us.


Yes. Clients’ identity and everything we discuss is kept confidential. We will not release information about a client unless the client authorizes it or unless required by law.

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