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Erin Alexander, LPC

Angela Michelle

A graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio, Angela earned a degree in cultural anthropology where she studied sex, gender, culture, and the rituals that guide our lives. As an accomplished award winning boudoir photographer, Angela utilizes her background in anthropology to connect with clients allowing them to have an intimate experience of self-discovery in their sensuality and sexuality. It was her intimate conversations with her boudoir clients that inspired her to become a sex coach. She graduated from the Sexology Institute’s sex coach training program in 2019. Her main areas of focus are the intersections of body-image and culture and the roles they play in our sex lives. She is also an Embody Love Facilitator and offers body-image workshops---helping people to transform their relationship with their body. Another area of interest for Angela is chronic illnesses' and disabilities' relationship to sex. As a stroke survivor, Angela lives with several rare diseases, and her personal experiences have inspired her to help others navigate this taboo subject. Using a holistic approach in her coaching practices, Angela guides clients to discover the enrichment that sex can bring to their lives. 

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