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The RestoreGasm program teaches a woman to maximize her sexual pleasure and gain mastery of her orgasms.

RestoreGasm is a learned behavior that requires exercise and practice.


Women can learn to easily respond to a variety of sexual stimuli and be multi-orgasmic.


Being more responsive makes a woman a more enjoyable partner.


The more often a woman orgasms, the more often she WANTS to orgasm.


A RestoreGasm session is a thoroughly aerobic activity that will benefit your overall health. Orgasms also relieve stress and pain.


Learning to RestoreGasm gives you greater self-confidence.

Learning to RestoreGasm can be done for a variety of reasons, but one of the best is to achieve sexual satisfaction through partnered pleasuring.

Variations of the RestoreGasm program have been used for over 25 years, and the results have been thoroughly studied.


Of 176 women who participated a study, 91% were able to easily respond to a variety of sexual stimuli and have multiple orgasms. 44% said that the program had a positive effect on areas of their lives other than those associated with sex. And nearly all women reported that their life positively changed from participating in this program.

A system for enhancing sexual pleasure.

Program overview

RestoreGasm is a 6-week exercise program designed to maximize a woman’s ability to have massive G-spot and clitoral orgasms. It takes training to develop the G-spot because it is usually not adequately stimulated during intercourse. Couples often want to achieve sexual satisfaction through intercourse, and G-spot training is the best way to accomplish this.


Just like muscles, the female sexual organs, if not frequently exercised, can atrophy from disuse. When the G-spot is properly and regularly stimulated, blood flow to the area will be preserved, and the G-spot can be awakened and developed.


Exercises are not dependent on having a partner. However, an assistant can enhance your workouts. A partner can not only participate in the exercises, but can also offer encouragement.


While the exercises can be performed with just your own fingers or those of your partner, success is more rapidly achieved with just a few devices, all of which can be obtained from online retailers or at the Sexology Institute.


  • G-Spot Lollipop – a non-vibrating tool perfectly designed to apply pressure directly to the G-spot.

  • Magic Wand and G-spotter attachment – the traditional power-house, hand-held vibrator with a curved tip for massaging the G-spot.

  • Sybian – the world’s most powerful vibrator. The ride-on, industrial-strength tool on which the RestoreGasm program is based.

  • Lube – depending on the tool used, either a high-quality silicone or water-based lube.

join the program


To begin the RestoreGasm program, book a 50-minute coaching session with Melissa or Angela and indicate that you'd like to join the RestoreGasm program. We'll send you an invoice, and set up your 50-minute session. During the session, your coach will explain the program and provide you the password to access the online program information. Also included in the one-time program fee are three (3) additional 15-minute check-in sessions over the six weeks, which you can choose to have via video, phone or email. You'll also get 20% off  devices recommended by your coach during your sessions. 

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