Erin Alexander, LPC

erin alexander, LPC

Erin is a licensed professional counselor and a clinical supervisor. She is also a sex therapist and in supervision with Claudia Thompson, Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT-S, LPC-S, CST, CSAT.


Erin's areas of particular interest are recovery from infidelity, alternative lifestyles, combat-related PTSD and sexual dysfunction, and men's sexual health. She has extensive training in the areas of Gottman, BDSM and the Law, Trauma-informed, Interracial/People of Color and ENM.

Erin obtained her bachelor's degree in psychology and her master's degree in counseling/educational psychology from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She also provides relationship coaching strategies for dating, self-esteem, social skills and transitioning from divorce. The interventions she uses are solution-focused and person-centered techniques. “I assign homework and recommend specific readings, so that clients can engage in the personal development process. I believe that when you are a whole healthy person, you are able to contribute to a healthy relationship." Erin is a member of AASECT. Erin is also a Military Sexual Trauma (MST) mental-health provider for the department of Veterans AffairsLinkedIn Profile

erin's policies on disclosure and privacy

The professional staff of the Sexology Institute are independent practitioners who establish their own professional policies.

By seeing Erin Alexander, LPC, you are indicating that you want restricted disclosure of your personal information, meaning that since this is private pay, there will be no diagnosis, treatment planning, or interventions documented for the purposes of possible third-party auditing (insurance companies or governmental agencies).  You understand that the following topics are examples of sensitive questions and will be kept private:


  • Are you sexually active? If so, with one partner, multiple partners or same-sex partners?

  • Has there been any infidelity?

  • Domestic violence?

  • What are your sexual interests? 

  • Are there any sexual dysfunctions?

  • Do you masturbate? How often? 

  • Any drug or alcohol use?

  • Any sexually transmitted diseases? 


​I cannot share your information with anyone unless you are an imminent danger to yourself or others, or unless you give me permission. I​f at any time, I believe that you or your significant other require more intensive counseling, diagnostics and assessment, or other referrals, this will be discussed with you and provided for you in writing. ​​


Cancellations within 24 hours of the session will be assessed 50% of the session fee prior to rescheduling. You will be sent an invoice from the Sexology Institute. 

For any severe weather, please use your best judgment and engage in safe behaviors. I do not travel in unsafe conditions, and I do not expect for anyone to do so. We can always use alternate methods of counseling, such as chat/online,video, or telephonic, if needed.

​ I use the ZOOM conferencing app for video counseling. ​


Th​e following​ is for the purposes of Informed Consent (it does not mean that you will receive this type of treatment). I have to disclose that I can also provide these services, and I must make a distinction between this type of treatment​, psychotherapy and coaching​.

FOR Life Coaching and Sex/Couples/Relationship Coaching:

Coaching is exactly that...guiding someone to achieve goals. The client already knows which goals they want to achieve, so the coach encourages the person to do this by using strengths, by focusing on vision, and overcoming any obstacles that can occur. Coaches generally give clients assignments outside of the sessions and check in with clients by phone or email.

Any sex/couples coaching will be under the guidelines/rules from the Sexology Institute and Boutique, in collaboration with Melissa Jones, and for the purposes of promoting/enhancing healthy relationships. The topics will be relationship-oriented, and both parties must be present for learning the tools that can improve the relationship. If at any time it is determined that long-term therapy might be beneficial, the couple will be referred to an appropriate relationship/marriage counselor.