Graduate of the Sexology Institute's certified sex coach training program 


Erin Alexander

Licensed therapist and a clinical supervisor. Master's degree in counseling/educational psychology.

Focus: Sex Therapy.

Location: San Antonio, Texas


Arielle Antwine

Sensual Educator, Sexologist, Burlesque Artist, ERYT-200 Yoga Instructor. With a trauma-informed background, Ari creates safe spaces and content for women & femmes to heal their sensual and sexual connection.

Focus: BIPOC, femme empowerment, bisexuality, queerness, burlesque, yoga, meditation, and affirmation

Location: Chicago, Illinois. Online sessions provided world-wide

Lindsay Brooks

Lindsay Brooks

Bachelor of Science in Human Services/Counseling, Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, certified by the American College of Sexologists, and a kink-aware professional. 

Focus: Individual, couples and multiple-partner counseling; kink, BDSM, and ethical non-monogamy.

Location: Carlisle, Pennsylvania


Shannon Burton

Sex-positive writer and educator; BA in English and Education with a background in teaching and online publishing. Aims to contribute to sex education though workshops, webinars, guided journals, and more.

Focus: sexual empowerment, sex education, queer sex & sexuality, nonmonogamy, kink

Location: New Orleans, LA. Online sessions provided world-wide.


Courtney Cooper

Bachelors in Psychology with a focus on building upon an individuals goals, interests, and personal desires. 

Focus: Individuals, couples, LGBTQ+, arousal & desire, BDSM & kink, communication, sex toys.

Location: Online session provided world-wide


Kara Evans

With 12 years of exotic dance experience and 9 years of meditation experience, she brings a unique perspective to sex and education. Sex can and should be fulfilling but it can also be deep, connecting, and, even fun!

Focus: Mindfulness relating to a stellar sex life, erotic dancing for your partner, and fetishes.

Location: Vista, California. Online sessions provided world-wide.


Steven Jay Huron

Retired from law-enforcement after 23 years, and learned that couples need to negotiate to achieve a satisfying relationship. I teach that hormones affect behaviors in a relationship and techniques improve sexual satisfaction. 

Focus:  teaching couples how to stimulate hormones to improve relationship intimacy.

Location Boerne, Texas. Online sessions provided world-wide.


Mike Johnson

Author of "Making the Love You Want" and USAF veteran. My “why” into this field came from going through a miscarriage with my ex and witnessing that trauma. I want to learn, give and inspire under the sexuality umbrella.

Focus:  Woman Empowerment, Increase Male Performance, and Sexuality within different Cultures

Location Austin, Texas. Online sessions provided world-wide.


Chauntel Logan

Cauntel has been a Certified Medical Assistant for over ten years, focusing primarily in the field of sexual health. She is also the author of the erotica book, "Can You Handle It?”

Focus: Painful sex, individuals, couples.

Location: San Antonio, texas


William Lynch

Certified Sexologist by the American Board of Sexologists International, Sex Coach, Kink-Aware Professional, Safe-Zone trained professional, and member of the NCSF.

Focus: LGBTQIA+, BDSM/kinks/fetishes, & generalized adult sex ed.

Location: Byron, Georgia. Online sessions provided world-wide.

Jenn Mason Headshot.jpg

Jenn Mason

Owner of WinkWink sex-toy boutique. Has worked with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence for over a decade. Passionate about banishing sexual shame and stigma. 

Focus: Kinks and fetishes, Reclaiming sexuality after sexual assault/experiencing boundary violations

Location: Bellingham, WA. Online sessions provided world-wide.


Angela Michelle 

Award winning boudoir photographer, with a background in cultural anthropology. Connects with clients allowing them to have an intimate experience of self-discovery in their sensuality and sexuality. 

Focus: Embody Love Facilitator, body-image instructor. Chronic illnesses' and disabilities' relationship to sex. 

Location: San Antonio, Texas. Online sessions provided world-wide.


Brandon Montero

My goal is to help my clients experience more enjoyment and less stress in their sexual lives. I help clients learn to communicate sexually by sending and receiving both verbal and non-verbal cues with their partners.

Focus: Erotic touch, erection and ejaculation control

Location: Scottdale, Arizona