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Graduates of the Sexology Institute's certified sex coach training program 


Erin Alexander

Licensed therapist and a clinical supervisor. Master's degree in counseling/educational psychology.

Focus: Sex Therapy.

Location: San Antonio, Texas


Arielle Antwine

Sensual Educator, Sexologist, Burlesque Artist, ERYT-200 Yoga Instructor. With a trauma-informed background, Ari creates safe spaces and content for women & femmes to heal their sensual and sexual connection.

Focus: BIPOC, femme empowerment, bisexuality, queerness, burlesque, yoga, meditation, and affirmation

Location: Chicago, Illinois. Online sessions provided world-wide

Lindsay Brooks

Lindsay Brooks

Bachelor of Science in Human Services/Counseling, Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, certified by the American College of Sexologists, and a kink-aware professional. 

Focus: Individual, couples and multiple-partner counseling; kink, BDSM, and ethical non-monogamy.

Location: Carlisle, Pennsylvania


Shannon Burton

Sex-positive writer and educator; BA in English and Education with a background in teaching and online publishing. Aims to contribute to sex education though workshops, webinars, guided journals, and more.

Focus: sexual empowerment, sex education, queer sex & sexuality, nonmonogamy, kink

Location: New Orleans, LA. Online sessions provided world-wide.


Courtney Cooper

Bachelors in Psychology with a focus on building upon an individuals goals, interests, and personal desires. 

Focus: Individuals, couples, LGBTQ+, arousal & desire, BDSM & kink, communication, sex toys.

Location: Online session provided world-wide


Damien Drakos

Born in Raleigh, NC, my interest are in how people interact with each other. I've studied psychology and behavior. My goal is to open my own counseling practice to help people with with the concerns that sex and intimacy play a part in. I'm hoping to help my community foster an environment of acceptance and learning. 

Focus: Sexual wellness, BDSM, low libido, uneven libido, coaching, intimacy and relationship concerns.

Location: Serving all of North Carolina


Kara Evans

With 12 years of exotic dance experience and 9 years of meditation experience, she brings a unique perspective to sex and education. Sex can and should be fulfilling but it can also be deep, connecting, and, even fun!

Focus: Mindfulness relating to a stellar sex life, erotic dancing for your partner, and fetishes.

Location: Vista, California. Online sessions provided world-wide.


Valentina Fellina

With 9 years of experience in the adult industry, (from a sexuality TV hostess in Brazil to an adult performer in Canada), the certified sex coach has the mission to empower and help people embrace their deepest fantasies

Focus: sex education, kink, non-monogamy, workshops, and seminars.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden. Online sessions available worldwide in English and Portuguese

Serena Haines_edited.jpg

Serena Haines

Former Paramedic and current Somatic Sex Educator and Certified Sex Coach, Clinical Sexology and Couples Intimacy through The Gottman Institute. Serena's mission is to close the gap between sex ed and pleasure through public speaking events, workshops and private/group coaching.

Focus: Pleasure advocacy, couples coaching, vulva revolution workshops, somatic awareness for pleasure.

Location: Halifax NS, Canada. International coaching available online


Steven Jay Huron

Retired from law-enforcement after 23 years, and learned that couples need to negotiate to achieve a satisfying relationship. I teach that hormones affect behaviors in a relationship and techniques improve sexual satisfaction. 

Focus:  teaching couples how to stimulate hormones to improve relationship intimacy.

Location Boerne, Texas. Online sessions provided world-wide.


Mike Johnson

Author of "Making the Love You Want" and USAF veteran. My “why” into this field came from going through a miscarriage with my ex and witnessing that trauma. I want to learn, give and inspire under the sexuality umbrella.

Focus:  Woman Empowerment, Increase Male Performance, and Sexuality within different Cultures

Location Austin, Texas. Online sessions provided world-wide.


Chauntel Logan

Cauntel has been a Certified Medical Assistant for over ten years, focusing primarily in the field of sexual health. She is also the author of the erotica book, "Can You Handle It?”

Focus: Painful sex, individuals, couples.

Location: San Antonio, Texas


Sophia Murphy

Doctor of Behavioral Health, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Personal Trainer, Sex Coach. Dr. Murphy DBH, LPC, CPT, SXI provides trauma-informed, kink- and poly-affirmative counseling and coaching.

Focus: BIPOC, LGBTQ+, feminist theory, decolonization of mind/body, kink, and ethical non-monogamy.

Location: Tempe, Arizona (counseling is only provided in-state; coaching is available world-wide)


William Lynch

Certified Sexologist by the American Board of Sexologists International, Sex Coach, Kink-Aware Professional, Safe-Zone trained professional, and member of the NCSF.

Focus: LGBTQIA+, BDSM/kinks/fetishes, & generalized adult sex ed.

Location: Byron, Georgia. Online sessions provided world-wide.

Jenn Mason Headshot.jpg

Jenn Mason

Owner of WinkWink sex-toy boutique. Has worked with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence for over a decade. Passionate about banishing sexual shame and stigma. 

Focus: Kinks and fetishes, Reclaiming sexuality after sexual assault/experiencing boundary violations

Location: Bellingham, WA. Online sessions provided world-wide.


Angela Michelle 

Award winning boudoir photographer, with a background in cultural anthropology. Connects with clients allowing them to have an intimate experience of self-discovery in their sensuality and sexuality. 

Focus: Embody Love Facilitator, body-image instructor. Chronic illnesses' and disabilities' relationship to sex. 

Location: San Antonio, Texas. Online sessions provided world-wide.


Brandon Montero

My goal is to help my clients experience more enjoyment and less stress in their sexual lives. I help clients learn to communicate sexually by sending and receiving both verbal and non-verbal cues with their partners.

Focus: Erotic touch, erection and ejaculation control

Location: Scottdale, Arizona


Titi Otunla

A certified nurse midwife and licensed healthcare provider with 30 years’ midwifery and women’s health care experience. She advocates and empowers women to know their bodies, and  hopes to incorporate her healthcare knowledge with sex and intimacy coaching.

Focus: Intimacy issues, low libido and helping with body dysmorphic issues 

Location: Houston Texas, In-person, and online sessions provided world-wide.


Heather Ray

With over 6 years as a Pure Romance consultant, she brings a fun, energetic perspective to sex and education. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she strives to improve the way we think about and treat sexuality, ourselves, and each other.

Focus: Pleasure activist, individual & couples coaching, Sexual Wellness, low libido, youth educations

Location: New Braunfels, Texas, Online sessions provided world-wide.


Rachael Lindberg Sifuientes, LPC, SXI

Licensed mental health therapist and sexual health educator with a master's degree in counseling psychology

Focus: Sex therapy (individuals and couples), communication, arousal and desire

Location: Virtual for Texas residents

holly pic.JPG

Holly Wood

Author of The Upside Down Kingdom - Experiences in the Swingers Lifestyle and a sex-positive writer. "I want to encourage open communication with couples and empower each person to explore their sexuality free from judgment and shame."

Focus: swingers, kink, ethical non-monogamy, and empowering women sexuality after life-changing events. .

Location: Valdosta, Georgia. Online services provided world-wide.

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