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Invest in the Best

Njoy Pfun Plug, We-Vibe Sync, Spartacus Pink Glass Blown

“It’s too expensive!”

“I could go to __________ and get a $10 toy!”

“I’m looking for a new toy because the $10 toy I purchased 6 months ago has kicked the bucket.”

These are just a few of the statements I have heard from women when speaking about intimacy devices aka sex toys. Friends, family, etc., doesn’t matter; many people I’ve spoken to gasp at the sticker price of an upscale vibrator and decide that the mini bullet they saw wrapped in nice plastic and requiring you to buy some stock options in Duracell to keep that little guy going, is a smarter move financially. And then they’re back. Buying another cheap toy that “just gets the job done” ……a mere several months after the first one. Why? Why do we feel the need to scrimp and save on our sex life and look at prices of sex toys as a luxury rather than an investment? As a mom of two beautiful angels who only sometimes resemble small banshees, I know I would do anything for my kids. I will scour and search and not bat an eye when I find the perfect playset or toy and shell out the big bucks. Why wouldn’t I do the same for my husband and myself? I used to be on the “Oh that’s so expensive!” side of the argument, thinking I could just buy a cheap vibrator and coming to terms with the fact that I would definitely be having to search for it’s replacement in a short time (my longest living one was 1 year; R.I.P Pinky). And then I was introduced to We-Vibe in 2012. I became hooked. I’m pleased to say that my trusty We-Vibe is running beautifully 6 YEARS later. And it’s been joined by a myriad of other toys over the years, each with unique features, sleek designs, recharging (thank the vibrator gods for that feature!), AND they each have a price tag of $60+. I’m a reformed “cheap toy” arguer! I now believe very strongly that when I invest in my intimacy devices, I not only invest in myself but also in my sex life and my husband. When we hear prices on intimacy devices, we now think “Wow what an amazing deal! You only pay X amount AND get all those amazing features?? I’ll take it!!”. Invest in your intimacy devices, yourself, your sex life, your partner, and you will surely have a LARGE return on your investment.

*Njoy Pfun Plug available only in-store ($95); We-Vibe Sync (Colors available: Teal and Purple) Available in-store and online; Spartacus Pink Blown Glass Available only in-store ($65)

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