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Preventive Maintenance

I served as a medic in the US army for a few years. Every Monday, we spent the day in the motor pool doing PMCS: Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services. It was on these days that we would spend an entire day, going through a handbook of checklists and how to’s to make sure that our vehicles were ready for deployment. If there were minor hiccups that we could address, we (the medics) handled it. Many times, there were things that we did not have the knowledge or skill to fix, so we took our vehicles to the mechanics, aka the professionals. Today, I take my cars to a certified mechanic to diagnose and prescribe the necessary maintenance and repairs.. When the air conditioning at my house started to go out this summer, I called in a professional HVAC tech immediately rather than waiting until the A/C broke completely and the heat was intolerable.

When people make an investment in a home, car, or anything for that matter, they seek the people with the best set of skills to keep it looking and working great. You may hire a housekeeping service to help clean your home, or a landscaping company to take care of your yard. You hire professionals to clean your carpets and vents. You take your car to the dealer to make sure that the most highly qualified mechanics are servicing it. You do this to ensure that it is safe and it runs like it just came off of the showroom floor. In your career, you seek out mentors, join professional groups, read peer reviewed journals, and network with the best of the best. In almost every aspect of our life we do some sort of PMCS, except for our relationships. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure we do our obligatory “date night” and such, but do we really know how to properly prevent mishaps?

People seek out counselors or coaches when their lives are in crisis. By this time, damage is going to be a lot harder to repair. Sadly, some relationships may be irreparable. Just like a tune-up on a car, professional counselors and coaches can help you avoid major losses in the ability to perform your best. As professionals, we can help identify cracks in communication, add parts to increase intimacy, and teach you ways to amp up your sex life. And, let’s be honest, an occasional relationship “tune-up” is a lot more affordable than a complete overhaul that is necessary when a major component of the relationship breaks down.

We seek out qualified professionals for almost everything in our lives. I don’t have a custodian diagnose my appendicitis, I don’t let a mechanic do my nails, and I certainly don’t let my chiropractor wax my bikini area. So why do we let our untrained friends and family diagnose our relationships? Your intimate relationship is the most important investment that you will ever make. That relationship is also the pebble in a pond whose reach is infinite. At the Sexology Institute, we are trained to help you get maximum pleasure from this most intimate relationship. No matter where you are at in life, don’t wait until the transmission goes out in your relationship to book an appointment with us.

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