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Review: Sensuelle Flexi-Toys

Ladies, meet your new best friends: Bentlii, Bobbii, and Baelii—the new generation of personal stimulation from Sensuelle! Designed with your body in mind, the silky smooth exterior and flexible design provides the highest level of comfort while satisfying your Sensuelle desires.

In my whole toy chest, the Baelii is my go-to. With twenty functions and a flexible, curved silicone tip, the Baelii provides focused internal g-spot or external clitoral stimulation. It’s the toy that can do it all.

Containing two deeply intense motors, the Bentlii offers fifteen different functions of vibration and pulse intensity. Its dual motors are sure to provide a toe-curling experience with powerful stimulations to the g-spot and throughout the vagina.

If you love options, then you’ll love the Bobbii! With sixty-nine different functions to choose from, you’ll never be lacking for ways to find pleasure. Its ergonomic design, simple button control, and pointed tip make the Bobbii ideal for clitoral stimulation.

My favorite aspect of the Sensuelle flexi-toys is the smooth, flexible body that makes them comfortable in your hand and against your skin during playtime. All three toys are completely water submersible, making any bath time pleasure time! With easy, quick recharging, the Sensuelle Flexi-toys are always ready at your fingertips for whenever you are in the mood for an amazing experience.

So grab your favorite lube, your new Sensuelle best friend, and have the best orgasm of your life!

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