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The Wish by We-Vibe

The Wish is the newest device in the We-Vibe family. Like their other new devices, the Wish is We-Connect-App ready for long-distant play with your partner anywhere in the world. The app allows you to control the vibrations, build intensity and create custom vibes.

The Wish has a soft, 100% waterproof exterior, is USB rechargeable (2-hour charge time) and is whisper quiet. The Wish has the exclusive Powerpulse vibration technology with 10 modes and two motors. This technology allows you to arouse the vulva with deep sensations, which stimulate both the external and internal clitoris, creating an amazing blended orgasm! Marketing materials suggest that the Wish is similar to a wand because of its ultra-powerful, broad stimulation. Because my wand is my favorite go-to toy, I was skeptical that anything could compare to it. After trialing the Wish, I was more than pleasantly surprised that not only did it live up to my standards, it far exceeded my expectations! It has the power of the wand while being much quieter; it’s also very lightweight making it easy to hold; and of course, is waterproof making bath time my new favorite time. As an extra bonus, you can use the Wish for external stimulation anywhere on your body or the body of your significant other. The Wish will make the perfect gift for your Valentine!

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