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Review: LOOB Lube Premium Silk

LOOB Lube Premium Silk

Here at The Sexology Institute, we love introducing our customers to the world of lubricants. Many couples and individuals have never experienced a personal lubricant in their sex regiments. Often unaware of it’s benefits and varieties, some people view lubricants with the mentality of “I don’t need lube, spit is enough.” Wrong! Although spit can add some moisture during solo play and intercourse, using a lubricant is much better than spit. I guarantee you, you and your partner will agree with me after just one experience with the right one. As mentioned in a previous blog post about Better Than Spit and Much Better Than Spit Lubricants by Sir Richards, a big difference between water-based and silicone lubricants is that water-based lubes often absorb up in to the skin a lot quicker than silicone based lubes. Because of the natural absorption of water-based lubes, re-application is needed and some leave a somewhat tacky residue after it is absorbed. Silicone lubricants are often silky smooth and maintain that silk-like consistency even as it dries down. Also, a little bit goes a long way and re-application is minimal.

One of the newest silicone lubricants to hit the market has quickly become one of my personal favorites. LOOB, which stands for Loving Our Own Bodies, is a premium silk silicone personal lubricant. LOOB Lube is flavorless, fragrance free, paraben free, glycerin free, and glycol free. It is silky smooth and never sticky. LOOB Lube is intended to lubricate and moisturize, to enhance the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity and supplement the body’s natural lubrication. It can be used with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms however it is not compatible with polyurethane condoms. In comparison to one of our most popular silicone lubricants, UberLube, LOOB Lube is thicker in consistency but equally just as silky smooth. In my personal opinion, LOOB Lube is not only great for solo play and penile/vaginal intercourse but it has my recommendation for anal play as well. Since the anus does not self-lubricate, it is very important to use a lubricant when exploring back door pleasure. A thicker silicone lubricant like LOOB Lube is perfect for it! The adorable carton packaging is totally eye-catching but the product’s actual component is the real star of the show. It’s sleek, hard plastic bottle reminds me of something you would find at a Bath and Body Works and it’s push button applicator really allows for a percise pump. I’ve definitely had experiences with some lube applicators that either squirt or goop out a vast amount of product. LOOB Lube dispenses a solid amount of lubricant that wont leave you wanting to wash off the excess and ultimately waste product.

Overall, I am personally very pleased with LOOB Lube and I recommend it if you are looking for something new to try or if you are new to the lubricant party. Try it, you won’t regret it!


Available only in our boutique. Not available online.

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