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"Best of San Antonio" - 2017!

The Current, San Antonio's award-winning alternative news source, named the Sexology Institution the "Best Adult Store" in San Antonio in 2017!

The Current wrote,"As its name might suggest, Sexology Institute and Boutique aims to set itself apart from other adult businesses in San Antonio, and rises to that occasion on a variety of levels. Since opening in Southtown to a fair amount of chatter back in 2015, the politely presented emporium has proven itself as both an approachable destination for gifts of varying degrees of naughtiness (from kitschy novelties to state-of-the-art sex toys for men and women alike) and hands-on courses dedicated to topics like Booty Basics (for those ready to get “behind romance”), Ultimate Orgasms for Him and Her (devoted to maximizing the big “O”) and the ever-popular Going Down: How to Give the Best BJs (a “fabulous fellatio class that is spicy, tasteful, funny, and educational”). A recently announced move to 707 South St. Mary’s Street will allow Sexology to further develop its programming and further separate the educational space and retail storefront.

Regarding how the decision was made, the Current stated, "So who won? In years past, that would have been a pretty simple answer. Best of San Antonio was a cut-and-dry majority-rules affair, meaning that businesses with the most engaged or dedicated fanbase (or the ones smart enough to do vote-for-us specials, figure out how to bot-bomb our poll, or find some other way to goose the results) took home top honors. At its best, it reflected the true will of the people and even sometimes pushed this city’s overlooked gems into the spotlight. At its worst, we might have to write glowingly, and with a straight face, about some awful, stinky hookah bar or lame sandwich spot the public inexplicably picked as “best” that year. So this year is different. Think of what you hold in your hands (or read on your screen) as a more multifaceted tool for finding San Antonio’s best food, dive bars, drag queens, bookstores, yoga studios and everything in between."

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