Anatomy & Physiology

Bits and pieces: how they work and what to do with them.

Feb 5

I keep asking the question (to guys), "Why do you send dick pics?" Really, I've gotten no logical responses, so I can only come up with my own somewhat logical theories. First of all, perhaps guys th
Oct 31, 2017

“The best way to stay healthy is to love a lot and fuck a lot” So, you’ve reached that drab, difficult spot in a relationship where you’d rather linger in your worn out pajamas all day rather than go
Mar 20, 2017

Sometimes the sex in the relationship gets to be kind of monotonous and you need something to spice things up. I'm going to start a list of naughty ideas, and I want to see how many of you out there h
Mar 13, 2017

What words/phrases would you associate with Sexual Sophistication?
Sep 28, 2018

Hi i am a 30 years old straight man , single don't have a lot of sexual activities . I have been masturbating since maybe age 14 or something and only had access to porn these last five years. Now the
Mar 21, 2017

Anal Sex Techniques: There are many different ways of enjoying anal sex; digital stimulation (around the anal orifice, inside the canal against the prostate or G-spot), oral stimulation (rimming), us
Mar 18, 2017

I have always gotten a kick out of some of the sexy/explicit names given to the Bond girls. What's your favorite? Pussy Galore (Goldfinger) Holly Goodhead (Moonraker) Octopussy (Octopussy) Plenty O'To
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