Sep 28, 2018

Erectile dysfunction


Hi i am a 30 years old straight man , single don't have a lot of sexual activities . I have been masturbating since maybe age 14 or something and only had access to porn these last five years. Now the problem is i used to get hard by touching or being near women but i blame porn for ruining my erections , sure i can get hard when i am alone but when having fun with women i don't and its making me scared . I stopped watching porn because i know it messes up your reward circuit but is it enough ? will the 90 day abstaining challenge help me reboot my circuit and get normal erections or what ?.

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  • “The best way to stay healthy is to love a lot and fuck a lot” So, you’ve reached that drab, difficult spot in a relationship where you’d rather linger in your worn out pajamas all day rather than go down on your partner or have them do the same to you, have you? Ah… we’ve all been there, and it’s a total madness, the feeling. One moment you are all over this person, the thought of them makes you wanna touch yourself in public (even though you know it’s wrong and you’d probably end up cuffed by the police but you just.don’ and the other – you can’t even touch them. What the hell is happening? Well, we’ll tell you what it is – the mojo’s gone. The bad news is, it’s a terrible, overwhelming, disturbing feeling that can totally mess you up; the good news is – it’s fixable. If you want to get things off the ground, you can always check out bulletproof dating advice for women , which might take you back to that initial stage, and have you daydreaming wet dreams again. To all of you who’d rather work on brining the excitement back into the relationship than let things go and break up, we’re giving you a few tips that will definitely help you turn things into your own (sexual and emotional) advantage. Rekindle emotion, trust and intimacy Long-term relationships are absolutely beautiful and gratifying but they can also be the most dangerous thing for a couple; when people get way to comfortable with each other, they tend to stop treating the other person as their “object of desire” and read them as their “object of comfort”. While on the one hand, this can be fantastic (in a way that you feel safe and secure), it threatens to be a real joy kill both emotionally and sexually. Both of you need to admit to one another that your relationship is no longer what it was; once you accept this change has happened, turn it to a challenge, not a dead-end point. Work on rekindling the emotion; talk to each other and listen to what the other person has to say; understand their words and feelings. Start doing things together like you used to, stuff like watching your fav shows, documentaries, movies, cooking together, redecorating the house, doing a spring clean, hiking, etc, and turn them into your bonding time. Go out together, go on dates again (with each other) or double dates with friends… These little things will bring the closeness back and the moment emotions are fixed, you’ll start sexually desiring each other again. Don’t fear the change Once the emotions are in place, work on brining the sass back into your sheets. No, you don’t have to put your freak on from the get go, but you do need to step away from the missionary. Bring the excitement by experimenting with sex games you haven’t tried before and pushing boundaries. Don’t ever do something that your partner explicitly says they don’t like – at this point of your relationship, everything is still fragile, so be very patient with one another. Push the boundaries Forget all about the does he love me drama and is she still attracted to me nonsense, and enjoy the ride! You both are still in this relationship, which means you want to be with one another – enjoy it! Give your sexual appetites a little freedom by trying sex kits for couples that may give you a few ideas on how to fire up the sheets. Don’t dismiss erotic fashion either like basques and corsets that will make him drool or sack the idea of surprising her with a few new sex tricks from those sexy books and mags you’ve purchased on your last visit to your favorite sexy shop. Sex should be all about letting go of your inhibitions and trust the other person. This will be your best test. Accept who you’ve become and work with it. The key to working things out is accepting you’ve changed – both individually and as a couple. When you realize you are two different people to those kiddies a few years back, things may change. The question is – are you two comfortable with the people you’ve become? If you are – this is your chance to explore all of your wildest dreams and fantasies and build an even stronger, more powerful connection. Good luck!
  • Anal Sex Techniques: There are many different ways of enjoying anal sex; digital stimulation (around the anal orifice, inside the canal against the prostate or G-spot), oral stimulation (rimming), use of toys (plugs, vibrators, or dildos),or penile penetration. Women can use a strap-on for pegging. Relaxing is very important, and remembering to bear down to help the external sphincter to open for insertion. Hygiene: Maintaining hygiene is also important in anal sex. Having a good bath/shower is a good idea before hand, and some people prefer to either have a bowel movement before, or an enema to evacuate the rectal cavity. Safety: Due to the delicate tissues involved, tearing is possible and there is a chance of sexually transmitted diseases through semen and blood. Using condoms is highly recommended, and of course, using high quality silicone lubricants. Avoid petroleum-based lubricants because they can cause the condoms to tear, and water-based lubes tend to dry out quickly. Those with glycerine might cause some abdominal cramping. Remember, if toys are used, be sure that the flange is large enough that the toy will not completely enter the anal orifice. Some people use numbing creams, however, these could deaden the area too much, and then injury can occur because you wouldn't feel it. Finally, remember the "pink to brown" rule: it is ok to switch from vaginal to anal sex, but not the other way around, because of the possibility of microorganisms than can be passed from the lower digestive tract to the vagina.
  • Sometimes the sex in the relationship gets to be kind of monotonous and you need something to spice things up. I'm going to start a list of naughty ideas, and I want to see how many of you out there have other things you've tried or want to try! 1. Put a mirror on your bed or ceiling so you can watch yourselves gettin' it on 2. Flash each other in public...ladies, do a Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct 3. Take a Kama Sutra class then go home and try out a few of the more challenging positions 4. Watch your significant other get a lapdance 5. Have sex with another couple, or invite someone else into the bedroom 6. Grope or finger your partner under the table at a restaurant 7. Have sex with all of the blinds/curtains open 8. Play strip poker with a group of people 9. See what it's like being dominant/submissive for a day (opposite of what you would ordinarily do) 10. Meet in a public place a strangers and leave for a hook-up 11. Instead of the alarm clock going off in the morning, wake up your partner with a good blowjob or a round of pearl diving 12. ???????? Let's keep 'em going!
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