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That's the Way the Cookie Rumbles

Svakom Cookie

The Cookie vibrator has a fun yet functional design that is easily held in the palm of your hand. The “octopus”-like tentacles are the perfect fit and motion for nipple and clitoral stimulation with 3 speed settings. If you are someone that has experienced nipple play and would like to start delving further in your options yet not quite ready for the nipple clamp experience, Cookie is the way to go! The motion creates a gentle yet effective pinch-and-squeeze motion that works with the vibrations to create an amazing nipple sensory experience. Take the Cookie down south to get the same experience for your clitoris and find out why this handy little device is the perfect addition to your foreplay needs. With its quiet yet powerful motor, easy to clean design, and perfect size for travel, the Cookie is a sweet addition to your intimacy device collection!

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