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The Sexuality Spectrum

The all inclusive and global definition for the phenomenon of the human sexuality spectrum is a continuum that accounts for every variation of human sexuality / identity without necessarily labelling or defining all of them. The spectrum provides the idea that sexuality/identity is loosely identifiable by specific means or measurements. It is complicated and also involves an individual's sense of self, well-being, and one's personal values.

What about sexual orientation specifically? It is under the human sexuality umbrella, but does it have a spectrum itself?

Let's dissect this...Some things do exist as spectrums: radiation, political views, and rainbows; however, sexual orientation might not be something that exists on a spectrum, as the Kinsey scale originally suggested.

A study by Washington State University analyzed data from over 33,000 adults and found that a categorical model best described sexual orientation rather than a continuum model like the Kinsey scale. Their conclusion was that sexuality isn’t a sliding scale so much as it is a complex variety of options. The research suggests that sexual orientation is not a matter of degree but rather of distinct and meaningful categories. And the findings tended to support the idea that sexual orientation has a biological foundation.

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