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Desire Intimacy More Than Romance

When one thinks of romance, images of passion and impetuousness come to mind. Romance is often longed for and not often enough found. Very few women would spurn a truly romantic gesture, especially one that has no ulterior motives. Romance for many is considered antiquated and disharmonious to modern attitudes, yet who among us would decline a rose or poem. While all these actions and symbols are warm and welcome, they are still shallow in comparison to genuine intimacy.

Romance can be fleeting and picky; whereas intimacy requires commitment and patience. Romance can tolerate a one-sided chase, but intimacy thrives when both partners give deeply to the relationship.

Romance and intimacy are cousins, but they are not substitutes for one another. A deep abiding relationship should have both, but if intimacy is sacrificed for romance, in time, the relationship will flounder. Intimacy is revealing and exposing one’s soul to the other in ways that are unique to that relationship. Romance can be copied from one partnership to the next, but intimacy is unique to each relationship and can never be repeated identically in another. Intimacy is what defines a profound relationship and separates it from a mere friendship. We should cherish romance, but we should crave intimacy.

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