Relationships & Sociality

Communication, conflicts, and playing well with others.

Sep 30

On paper, bachelor parties look pretty simple – a bunch of dudes having a great time while celebrating their best friend’s impending farewell to bachelor life. What most guys fail to understand is tha
Aug 29

Going on a first date is always an exciting thing. You’re meeting someone for the first time in a romantic setting and you’re looking forward to getting to know them. Nerves are completely normal and
Aug 12

Every summer season brings some new trends when fashion is concerned. And, of course, there’s no better season for romantic nights out either. If you’re interested in making a nice impression on your
May 22

In my practice, I have discovered that often the communication glitch between two people exists due to the different ways that they receive and process information. There are what I call Thinkers and
Jun 6, 2017

During a social event, we got into a discussion about what we (ladies) like in the bedroom. Of course we joked around, but on a serious note.... Have you ever wished you could pick and choose certain
Apr 2, 2017

When we hear about cheating/infidelity, it usually from these perspectives: The woman being the victim The man being the "perpetrator" (even though women cheat too) Why did he do it? What has to happe
Mar 31, 2017

Here is an interesting concept that I talk about with many of the couples I work with. At first, it sounds ridiculous, but in reality it does encourage honesty and open communication in relationships.
Mar 21, 2017

The real secrets that will get her to the bedroom! What Traits Most Women Look for in a Guy: Appearance ...take some pride in it! Intelligence ... wittiness, interesting , not boring! You do not have
Mar 14, 2017

I think the reason most millennials don't want to give anything a title is because then they aren't attached to the other person and can leave whenever they want. Even if you label a relationship to b
Sep 13

Marriage is, in its essence, a beautiful idea. Two people ready to share their lives, good times and the bad, perhaps raise a family as well and all that it entails. In most cases it is actually two p
Aug 22

Who doesn’t like celebrating a special event in their life? People pay special attention to details and dates, and they put a lot of effort into marking them in a certain way. It’s not just birthdays
Aug 9

Would you say that you’re getting enough sex? Or that your sex life is as good as it used to be at the beginning of your relationship? No matter how happy we are with our partners and how great our re
Aug 15, 2017

Hi. Currently I'm in love with a 27 years old girl, being myself 16 years her senior. Everything is nice between us since we met 4 monthis ago, but lately I'm wondering how it'd work on the future, an
Apr 2, 2017

We’ve been married for 16 years, and lately my husband has been wanting sex to be rough and painful. I don’t enjoy pain, but I also don’t want to hurt his feelings. What should I do? ~Selfless and So
Mar 31, 2017

I really enjoyed this TED Talk presented by Esther Perel, a relationship therapist who examined why people cheat and how infidelity threatens our emotional security. She explores what we often do not
Mar 26, 2017

When we decide we want to purchase something, we usually know exactly what we want, right? We know what the requirements or "have-to-haves" are for the item(s); for example, some of us are health nuts
Mar 20, 2017

Unmarried? Divorced? Widowed? Unattached? Not in a committed relationship? What other definitions have you heard of? What are your perceptions? Are your perceptions negative or positive? Many Percep
Mar 13, 2017

Nowadays, it seems like we have made it "taboo" to actually label or talk about the status of our relationships with our partners, but we still have names for these very vague definitions of sexual en
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