Program Director: Melissa Jones 


Office phone: 210-487-0371


Prior to starting this program, please read this syllabus in its entirety, It contains information needed to participate in this program.

program Description 

This multimodal program provides students with a comprehensive sexuality-based education resulting in the attainment of proficiency and certification in sex coaching. Learning is achieved through reading assignments, audio-visual reviews, field trips, tests, self-assessments, and other tasks as assigned by the instructors. 

Required Texts
  • The Psychology of Human Sexuality, by Justin J. Lehmiller, 1st Edition

  • The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, by Gary Chapman

  • The Art of Sex Coaching, by Patti Britton, 1st Edition

  • Girl Boner, by August McLaughlin

  • Girl Boner Journal, by August McLaughlin

  • The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health, Second Edition, by Dudley Seth Danoff

Students will select additional, approved texts within their desired subspecialty.

program Goals 

Students who complete this program will be able to: 

  • Understand human sexual anatomy and physiology.

  • Develop a deeper awareness of the student’s own attitudes toward their sexuality. 

  • Maintain ongoing self-education of sexual themes.

  • Guide individuals and couples in attaining their sexual goals.

  • Teach a variety of sexual topics.

  • Design a professional sex coaching practice.


Expect to be challenged and pushed. Assignments are graded either as complete, or incomplete. Your instructors will indicate if an assignment is incomplete.


When reporting on experiences with your partner or another person, be cognizant of the individual’s privacy and desires for anonymity. Do not share identifying information without permission.

  • One Sunday each month, students and instructors meet/teleconference to discuss an educational topic in a group setting.

  • Students are given free admission to the institute's educational lectures while in the program.

  • Students are required to attend a number of educational events at the institute or watch them online (either live or pre-recorded). For each event/discussion attended, a written assignment is to be submitted.​

field trips & Travel
  • A number of field trips are required which can be completed in most major metropolitan areas.

  • The program can be completed without the student traveling to the Sexology Institute; however, you're welcome to have your clinical experiences and deliver your presentation from the institute if you'd like, but those can all be done via video-chat to avoid travel.


Upon the successful completion of a portion of course work, the student will attain the status of intern and be permitted to participate in clinical case work—initially alongside the instructor working with real clients.

Final Presentation 

After your topic is approved by your instructor, you will create a unique presentation and deliver it at the Sexology Institute or via the institute's webcast service.


To complete the course and attain certification as a sex coach, the student must achieve the following:

  • Complete all assignments.

  • Complete all field trips.

  • Attend course lectures at explained in the program.

  • Shadow/participate in coaching sessions.

  • Define an area of focus with the field.

  • Deliver an acceptable final presentation.

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