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Why Are People Choosing to Be Alone?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014 report, a little over 50% of the population was single. Recent studies and research seem to continue this trend... people are either remaining single or choosing to marry at a much later age. Why is this? Even though people often say they have a fear of being alone, why do statistics suggest just the opposite? Why are people are choosing to be alone?

One of the reasons that society seems to have de-stigmatized the single lifestyle is because there has been more focus on educational and career advancement. People are choosing career growth rather than relationship commitments.

Another reason is that many single people are able to financially support themselves. They do not have to depend on a significant other.

A third reason is that there are quite a few divorced and/or single parents who have chosen not to remarry. These individuals are now a part of the “single” population. So are widows and widowers.

A final reason is that people seem to be waiting longer because they are being more selective before choosing a long-term, committed relationship. Many single people today enjoy the socializing and dating, as this allows them to engage in the selection process in a healthy way.

So what about the myths that circulate about single people, and being single? Like the ones about single people being less healthy and not living as long? Single people feeling lonely? Single people being unhappy? All of these are highly exaggerated! There is just as much positive information about being single:

  • People who remain single tend to undergo more personal growth because they have the time and space to do this;

  • Single people have the space to develop more confidence in their opinions without the fear/concern of a partner’s judgment or nonsupport;

  • People who remain single tend to engage in their hobbies and passions more because they have the time to do it. They do not have to divide their time with a partner;

  • Single people tend to participate in more public/community/volunteer events, attend more art/music/cultural events , and go out to dinner more often than people who live with someone;

  • People who are single generally have more diversified relationships;

  • People who are single are able to enjoy time alone when they want it or need it;

  • Single people are able to have more of the “luxuries” of life, like travel and material possessions. They only have to be responsible for themselves; and

  • Single people are able to be spontaneous, and they can make solitary decisions.

It sounds like single people actually have quite a few benefits! Because they tend to be socially active, they have such autonomy, and they tend to have ongoing personal growth, single people are indeed able to live long, healthy lives.

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