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Slick Dick’s Better Than Spit - Water-Based Lubricant

Better Than Spit is a water-based lube that is literally better than spit. Don’t let the novelty of it’s name fool you! I am personally not a big fan of water based lubricants but this lube has changed my mind. For a water based lube, this one has a really nice high-slip formula while still maintaining a natural feel. The consistency at first pour almost has a gel-like feeling but after some massaging the consistency gets thinner and more watery. One of my biggest problems with water-based lubes is the tackiness they develop as they begin to dry down. This lube has minimal tackiness and dries down pretty smoothly which is a big plus. Better Than Spit water-based lube is odorless, flavorless, paraben free, glycerin free and non-irritating. Also, can we talk about the packaging? The guys over at Sir Richard’s really hit the nail on the head with the product’s male appeal. Overall, for a water-based lube Better Than Spit has my vote for one of the best.

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