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To Solo or not to Solo? The Tryst has you covered!

The Tryst is about to change the way couples use toys. It was voted by Cosmopolitan as the Sex Toy of the Month in June 2016. This toy, as can be seen in the picture, has 2 prongs and a base. This vibrator is amazing because it has 7 vibration settings as well as has 3 separate motors in the arms and base. With the 3 separate motors, the users can control the speed and pulses of the vibrations for each area. It's USB chargeable, made from silicone, and is water resistant (Shower/bath time anyone?).

The Tryst can be used solo or with a partner. The image below shows ways the Tryst can be used. The images show the Trysts arms clasping onto the clitoris or nipples. It can also be used to hit the G-Spot perfectly because of the curved arms that mimic a "come hither" motion.

For males it can again be used for nipple stimulation as well as can be worn as a c-ring and stimulates the testicles. For partner use the male can wear it as a c-ring that provides stimulation for the testicles as well as to the clitoris on the partner and since the motors are independently controlled, the Tryst provides customized sensations for each partner.

The Tryst has provided several vibrators combined into a single toy for couples and individuals. You can now have that nipple stimulation, clitoral stimulation, g-spot perfection, c-ring for him, and stimulation of the testicles all in one conveniant package.

Available online and in store at the Sexology Institute.

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