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sexology delivered

 bringing sex ed to you 
Want a certified sex coach or counselor to speak at your college? How about at an after-hours event for your office staff? Or a maybe a sex-ed instructor for your bridal shower or house party?
Let the team of the Sexology Institute come to you. Whether you're across town or across the country, we can make it happen!
We'll help design a program to meet your needs. We speak on LGBTQ and gender issues, and guide alternative lifestyles. Our team can even build an entire weekend that include a series of private coaching sessions around your event. Our staff teach a variety of classes: orgasms, blow-jobs, cunnilingus, BDSM, anal sex, dirty talk, sensual touch, and more!
We'll make your sexperience amazing! We've toured with Sexapalooza, taught on the Couples Cruise, spoken at the Adult Novelty Expo, presented at a variety of public and private organizations, created AMAZING parties, and have way more experiences than we dare say!
Because each booking is uniquely designed, pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for details. We love to travel, so having us come visit will be more affordable than you think.
Contact us to get Sexology Delivered! 
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