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Program Director: Melissa Jones 


Office phone: 210-487-0371, ext 1


Prior to starting this course, please read this syllabus in its entirety, It contains information needed to participate in this program.

Course Description 

This multimodal course provides students with a comprehensive sexuality-based education resulting in the attainment of proficiency and certification in sex coaching. Learning is achieved through reading assignments, audio-visual reviews, field trips, tests, self-assessments, and other tasks as assigned by the instructors. 

Required Texts
  • The Psychology of Human Sexuality, by Justin J. Lehmiller, 1st Edition.

  • The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, by Gary Chapman

  • The Art of Sex Coaching, by Patti Britton, 1st Edition.

  • The Good Girls Guide to Bad Girl Sex, by Barbara Keesling

  • Male Multiple Orgasms, by Somraj Pokras

  • Students will select additional, approved texted within their desired subspecialty.

Course Goals 

Students who complete this course will be able to: 

  • Understand human sexual anatomy and physiology.

  • Develop a deeper awareness of the student’s own attitudes toward her/his sexuality 

  • Maintain ongoing self-education of sexual themes.

  • Guide individuals and couples in attaining their sexual goals.

  • Teach a variety of sexual topics.

  • Design a professional sex coaching practice


Each icon above connects to a password-protected page containing each module's assignments. Upon admission to the program and receipt of tuition, the staff will provide the student with the access code to Module 1. As the student completes each module's assignments, the access code will be provided to the subsequent module.


Most assignments are in MSWord format. Download the assignment to your computer, and type your responses directly into the document. The length and formatting of the document will change as you insert your responses; this is expected. Precise formatting is not critical.

Most questions require a short answer. If an assignment is to write a report, please write at least a paragraph, and thoroughly complete your thoughts. At the top of each assignment, type your full name and date.

Save the assignment in MSWord format (doc or docx) with your initials at the beginning of the file name. For example, if the file is named "PHS-Chapter-1.docx" and your name is Jane R. Smith, save the document with the file name "JRS-PSH-Chapter-1.doc". All your submitted files should be renamed with your initials at the beginning of the file name.


When reporting on experiences with your partner or another person, be cognizant of the individual’s privacy and desires for anonymity. Do not share identifying information without permission.


Prior to submitting your first assignment, create a free account at, if you don't already have an account. Turn on "subscribe to notifications" in Dropbox to be notified of comments that your instructors may make on your assignments. Submit assignments as files through the upload dialog box at the top of this page--include your email address in the dialog box. Your instructors will be notified of your submission and will review and grade your assignment. The instructor may comment on aspects of your assignment via the Dropbox dialog, or may email you. You may be asked to expound on some of your answers and resubmit.

Due Date

Most modules can be completed in about a week or two. You move at your own pace. 


Expect to be challenged and pushed. Assignments are graded either as “complete”, or “incomplete”. Your instructors will indicate if an assignment is incomplete.

  • One Sunday afternoon each month, students are encouraged to meet (or teleconference) at the Sexology Institute to discuss an educational topic in a group setting with other students and educators.

  • Students are also given free admission to the institute's educational lectures while in the program.

  • Students are required to attend/view two Sexology Institute events each month. Events can include the Sunday discussion, any educational presentation at the institute, or a pre-recorded online educational presentation by the institute. For each event/discussion attended, a written assignment is to be submitted.


Upon the successful completion of the first eight modules, the student will attain the status of intern and be permitted to participate in clinical case work—initially alongside the instructor working with real clients.

Final Presentation 

After your topic is approved by your instructor, you will create a unique presentation and deliver it at the Sexology Institute.

field trips & Travel
  • The modules contain approximately four assignments involving field trips. These are issued in progressive order and early in the modules so you can make arrangements for travel. For those who live outside of San Antonio or not near a metropolitan area, consider making a trip to San Antonio for a long weekend for the field trip assignments and to meet with staff at the institute.

  • To participate in clinical case work alongside an instructor, to shadow the staff and to give your final presentation, you will need to be present at the institute in San Antonio.


To complete the course and attain certification as a sex coach, the student must achieve the following:

  • Complete 100% of assignments.

  • Complete 75% of field trips.

  • Attend 60% of course lectures.

  • Shadow the institute staff for a total of four hours.

  • Shadow/participate in coaching sessions.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in clinical sex coaching in a mock session with an instructor.

  • Define an area of focus with the field.

  • Deliver an acceptable final presentation.

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