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Off-site Event Terms

This Agreement (“Agreement”) is made between the below-indicated Customer and the and the Sexology Institute, LLC, (“Institute”).

Customer and Institute agree as follows:


    1. Institute shall provide two staff members to the Customer for two (2) hours to teach the class indicated in the agreement below. If additional time is requested, it shall be indicated in the agreement below.

    2. Institute shall provide to Customer and Customer's guests, 15% off regularly-priced items on the day of the event.


    1. The class topic shall be selected at the time of booking the event.​

    2. If no class is selected 14 days prior, a Toy Class will be taught as a default.

    3. Cost of event

      1. $185 if event venue is inside Loop 1604​

      2. $215 if event venue is outside Loop 1604 and within a 40-mile straight line from the Institute.

    4. A $50 deposit secures the date and time. The remaining balance is due 7 days prior to the event.

    5. If Customer cancels more than 72 hours in advance, deposit shall be refunded as in-store credit. The deposit is forfeited if cancelled within 72 hours of the event.

  3. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any prior understanding or representation of any kind preceding the date of this Agreement. There are no other promises, conditions, understandings or other agreements, whether oral or written, relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.

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