Sex coacH training


It’s the “ology” in Sexology! There’s no substitute for strong book-work.


The Sexology Institute’s efficient reading list and effective tests ensure scholarly achievement.


To be an effective coach, one must also know how to play.


Experiences and engagements push boundaries while maintaining a student’s ethical compass.


Walk the walk. Act the part.

How one carries oneself speaks volumes and creates a presence. More than appearance, bearing establishes in students the reality of authority and trust.


Service is the generous expression of the other three attributes: a genuine desire to help others, combined with actions that place their needs in sync with your abilities.

  • The academic portion of training includes book-work, tests, writing assignments, reviews, skills tests and field trips.​

  • Expect strict critique, redirection, and feedback. It's sexual boot-camp, and personal boundaries will be pushed!.​


  • Successful completion of academic work allows students to participate in coaching sessions with a sex-coach mentor and actual clients.

  • Interns will also be guided and assigned to assist in teaching classes.

  • Once authorized by the mentor, interns will see clients on their own, then discuss cases with supervisors.

  • Graduates are awarded the status of Certified Sex Coach and are eligible to apply for open clinical positions at the Sexology Institute. 


"This is not an automated online course, nor is it your typical classroom. Assignments are reviewed and graded by actual sex-coach instructors, and you get individualized feedback. Once we get started, you'll be impressed with how invested we are in your education."


faculty & Staff


Melissa Jones, ACS, Sex Coach, Program Director, Instructor

Melissa Jones is board certified by the American College of Sexologists and specializes in teaching people to enhance their sexuality and overcoming intimacy challenges. She has been featured in USA Today and on Fox Television News. She has presented at CatalystCon, the Adult Novelty Expo and the International Lingerie Show; toured with Sexapalooza; and taught workshops on Royal Caribbean and at various venues nationwide. She was in private practice for five years at the San Antonio Medical Center before the founding of the Sexology Institute in 2015 where she is a coach and educator. 


Erin Alexander, LPC, Sex Therapist, Sex Coach, AASECT Member, Instructor

Erin is a licensed professional counselor and a clinical supervisor. She is also a sex therapist and in supervision with Claudia Thompson, Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT-S, LPC-S, CST, CSAT. Erin's areas of particular interest are combat-related PTSD and sexual dysfunction, and men's sexual health. Erin obtained her bachelor's degree in psychology and her master's degree in counseling/educational psychology from the University of Texas at San Antonio.


Angela Michelle, ACS, Sex Coach, Instructor

Angela earned a degree in cultural anthropology from UT San Antonio, where she studied sex, gender, culture, and the rituals that guide our lives. As an accomplished award winning boudoir photographer, Angela utilizes her background in anthropology to connect with clients helping them discover their sensuality and sexuality. It was her intimate conversations with her boudoir clients that inspired her to become a sex coach. She graduated from the Sexology Institute’s sex coach training program in 2019, and she an Embody Love Facilitator and offers body-image workshops


William Lynch, ACS, Sex Coach, KAP, Instructor

Will is a certified Sexologist by the American College of Sexologists, member of the NCSF, a Safe Zone trained educator, and a registered Kink Aware Professional (KAP). His specialties are the LGBTQIA+ communities, transgender topics, and kinks/fetishes. With over a decade of combined experience working in education and studying human sexuality, Will continued his education by completing the Sexology Institute’s Sex Coaching program in 2020.

Ari Antwine

Ari Antwine, Graduate Success Coordinator 

Ari is an international & award-winning performer, a certified yoga instructor (and soon to be Certified Sex Coach), as well as a Sensual Educator & Facilitator. Her mission is to empower women to heal themselves through holistic sensuality. Recognizing the need for sensual release in every woman & femme, she developed Sensuelle Yoga (@sensuelleyoga); a powerful blend of burlesque & yoga meant to unveil and unleash feminine energy— all in one workshop. In her day to day she is a proud yogi, wellness program coordinator, dog-mom, and travel-lover.

Training FAQs


This program is intense, and at times overwhelming. Every assignment has a purpose, and you’ll quickly discover just how engaging this program is. If you’re looking for a traditional education, this is not it. Don’t expect to be lectured to. Don’t necessarily look for “correct” answer to questions. Knowing the right answer won’t automatically get you an “A”. Stretching yourself will!

In addition to the academic assignments, much of your education will come from practical training as you participate in field trips and the functions of the sexology institute which include interfacing with visitors, teaching classes, and working with coaching clients. 

How long is training?

The program can be completed in just a few months; however, most students take it at a slower pace.


This program helps you discover your boundaries, and you’ll be invited to discuss them. By giving you assignments that exceed your comfort level, you’ll become a new person. However, you’re always welcome and even encouraged to push back when the discomfort becomes too much. Training is not meant to cause excessive discord.

CAN I BE TRAINED IF I DON'T LIVE near the sexology institute?


The entire program can be completed remotely, including the clinical experiences, group discussions, and delivery of your live, final presentation. It's not necessary to come to the Sexology Institute; however, you are welcome to do your clinical experiences and deliver your final presentation at the institute if you'd like.

is the program nationally recognized?

Our program is institutionally accredited by the American College of Sexologists, and additionally, we maintain ongoing, internal monitoring, enhancement and approval of our own academic standards. Whether or not and to what extent another organization or school recognizes certification at the Sexology Institute is dependent upon the policies of that organization. Prospective students who have questions about acceptance of the Sexology Institute’s certification at other organizations should inquire of those entities as to their recognition of sex-coach certification.


A general overview of program and the reading list can be viewed on the syllabus





It depends on how much you want to learn. Students who are in an intimate relationship are encouraged to involve their parter as much as possible. The more “hands on” you are, the more you’ll understand what the lessons are trying to teach you. You will not be having sexual contact with clients or the staff of the Sexology Institute.

admission criteria

For Consideration for Sex Coach Training

  • Age 21+.


  • Completion and approval of the application below.


  • Interview at the discretion of the admissions committee. 


  • Tuition total: $2,460. Once admitted the program, you'll pay the first half of the tuition. The second half will be paid in the the second half of the program.

  • Books: $150+. Books may purchased, rented, or borrowed from any source.

  • Field-trips: $200+ payable to the various venues.

  • Incidentals: $100+.



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