June 7, 2019

Years ago, I read a study explaining that men and women perceive desire differently. At the time, it was just another academic paper I was required to read, and I doubted there was any real-world applicability. But today I became painfully aware of its relevance.

About a month ago, I had breast surgery. It traumatized my areolas and nipples. Sensation and function have been improving over recent weeks, then today I suddenly felt sharp pain in both nipples. No idea wh...

December 8, 2018

Let’s get ready to Jingle his Bells this holiday season! Have him feeling like the man of the hour with this incredibly soft underwear by Gregg Homme. Pair it with the Love on the Run pheromone perfume for an extra irresistible touch that will have him feeling more like the man of the year! If he works hard, make it easy for him at the end of the day with the Tenga Flex, designed with a spinning stimulation and malleable casing that allows you to squeeze, twist, and...

December 8, 2018

With the holidays just around the corner, surprise the special lady in your life with these must have gifts! Want to give her the gift of relaxation? Look no further than the Crazy Girl Wanna Be Wild Seductive Soy Massage candle with Pheromones to ease her body and mind and add on the sleek Mini Swan Wand with its compact and waterproof design for a gift that truly says “ahhhhhh”. How about the gift of smooth? Nothing screams “smooth” like the luxurious Coochy Oh So...

September 24, 2018

I served as a medic in the US army for a few years. Every Monday, we spent the day in the motor pool doing PMCS: Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services. It was on these days that we would spend an entire day, going through a handbook of checklists and how to’s to make sure that our vehicles were ready for deployment. If there were minor hiccups that we could address, we (the medics) handled it. Many times, there were things that we did not have the knowledge or...

September 14, 2018

As I was raising toddlers, I made them ask for the things they wanted. I prompted them by telling them, “Use your words.” When I think about talking to my own children about sex, there are a few things that I want to make sure that I get across, but most importantly, I want them to use their words. So let’s start with some basic words: penis, vagina, breasts, vulva, testicles, anus. I want my children to understand their body. I want them to know it, own it and love...

July 18, 2018

By Susan Greco, Walden University

Those of us in the counseling profession who work with couples routinely hear the same grievance.  Either one partner or both maintain they want to be able to communicate better.  Toward the end of each session, one of the homework assignments I often give is a list of narrative prompts each partner must respond to in a personal journal.  Why is this so important?  Reflective writing by hand versus typing on a tablet or laptop slows...

June 30, 2018

Just over a year ago, I got married to the woman of my dreams. It was such an exciting time knowing that I was about to marry my sweetheart, but that was not the only exciting advancement for my wife and me. As practicing members of our religion, we abstained from sex during our courtship.

Leading up to the wedding, our friends kept joking about the wild sex lives of newlyweds, and the consensus was that we’d hardly see anything outside the hotel room on our honeymoo...

June 27, 2018

When it comes to dating, some people have a hard time reading silent signals. If you are one of these people, then it might be worth researching Helen Fisher’s Five Stages of Courtship. Fisher categorizes the stages of flirting and courtship into getting attention, recognition, grooming talk, touching, and body syncing. To better understand, Lisa Fritscher, a writer for The Anatomy of Love, explains each stage in more detail.

The first stage is basic flirtin...

June 24, 2018

I have done quite a bit of reading on the concept of forgiveness over the years...personally and professionally. While I can respect and understand a person’s choice to not engage in forgiveness, that will never change my personal and professional viewpoints about the benefits of forgiveness. I will always see forgiveness as personal growth, strength, and generosity, no matter what the circumstances. The positive outcomes will always outweigh the negatives.

When we t...

June 21, 2018

“It’s too expensive!”

“I could go to __________ and get a $10 toy!”

“I’m looking for a new toy because the $10 toy I purchased 6 months ago has kicked the bucket.”

These are just a few of the statements I have heard from women when speaking about intimacy devices aka sex toys. Friends, family, etc., doesn’t matter; many people I’ve spoken to gasp at the sticker price of an upscale vibrator and decide that the mini bullet they saw wrapped in nice plastic and requiring y...

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